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About us

We are a mobile therapy center, specialists in lymphatic, therapeutic and aesthetic massage. We offer post-operative therapies in the comfort of your home, recovery house or hotel, so that you can experience the well-being and healing at all times and in all places.


Our history is born with Siomara Sierra, whose dream was built through trust and work, entrenched in the possibility of offering the best professional services, aimed at comprehensive well-being and quality of life to all our clients, mainly from a select public, which does not have the time to go to a spa, but wants to start a change in their lifestyle. It is in this way that our philosophy develops, based on the fact that the mystique of being radiates not only in external beauty, but also that the fullness of life requires the elements and practices that we offer at Equilibrium.
In this way, a beautiful entrepreneurship arises, whose search is focused on finding what brings relief and fullness, based on the authentic capacity of the body to find its own Equilibrium and well-being, through our exclusive therapies. This is how, through the professionalization and academic specialization of more than fifteen years, in the best institutes—that the Equilibrium method is created, based on the scientific premise that the well-being and beauty of the body is obtained by integrating a healthy diet, advised by our specialists, with physical training, designed based on the needs of each person, unified with the techniques and procedures developed by the brand, as a guarantee of a philosophy that becomes the style of life Equilibrium , and of course; in happiness and fullness of being.
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Our team

We have the best team of duly certified therapists in the State of Florida, also highlighting the widest experience in special training for the recovery of patients after surgery, whose training stands out for its broad human and professional profile, covering all the areas of rehabilitation, post-operative rehabilitation, facial and body massage.

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