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Should I wear a girdle after surgery?

Things you have to know Should I wear a girdle after surgery? The importance of looking good lies simply in being. It is practically impossible to think that your external image will be radiant if you are not inside. For this reason, it is essential to take into account all the measures when talking about […]

Is post-operative massage important?

Things you have to know Are post-operative massages important? Some people who have undergone or are thinking of undergoing an operation for aesthetic purposes often ask themselves: Why are post-operative massages important? or they simply question: would it be better not to make more effort and wait for everything to flow? And it is precisely […]

Post operative

Ultrasound Ultrasounds are nothing more than a non-invasive technology that is completely painless and is applied to produce thermal changes in the skin. These thermal changes are produced through non-audible vibrations provided by the apparatus. BOOK NOW What is it? They are sound waves that help deflate the tissues affected by surgery. At Equilibrium we have […]