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Lymphatic massage

It is a highly specialized, non-invasive procedure, which is applied through stimulating movements, on specific areas of the body of a patient undergoing surgical interventions, whose results are highly beneficial in recovery.

Among the most outstanding benefits are: improvement of the healing of the skin and tissues, thus reducing the time of hatching, elimination of the remains of anesthesia, serum and medication more quickly and easily, morphological improvement, since it is the technique par excellence that molds the contour of the body and the reduction of fibrosis, through the reabsorption and evacuation of edema.

Because they are specialists prepared in the most advanced techniques in post-operative massages, also backed by decades of experience, so that your process is the most comfortable, effective and, above all, the safest possible for you.

Postoperative Girdle

It is an ergonomically designed device (taking the anatomical measurements of the body) whose impact translates directly into a better recovery, through its planned use, after surgery.

Some of the benefits of wearing a postoperative girdle include:

Less swelling, as wearing a girdle can control swelling and the discomfort it can cause, it also leads to more optimal results, as the pressure of the garment can help reduce the risk of rippling or bulging in the girdle. skin, additionally helping to increase the patient’s mobility, allowing them to resume activities more quickly and progressively

Its use may be necessary after delicate interventions, such as: liposuction or liposculpture of the midsection, also abdominoplasties or lipectomies.

It is important as it helps to contain the tissues in the area and stimulate their recovery, thus avoiding direct contact of the wound with harmful elements from the outside.