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Hot Stone

Relieves muscle tension and pain while reducing stress and anxiety, a complementary therapy to take care of your health and provide you with well-being

What is it?

It is an ancient technique, extremely beneficial and relaxing, which consists of placing hot stones on different parts of the body, with smooth and flattened textures; made of volcanic basalt, an excellent receptacle of heat, whose temperatures vary between 130 and 145 degrees.


At Equilibrium we place the hot stones on the acupressure points throughout the body or the specific body area, accompanied by special massages, which are a true experience for the senses, accompanied by the most exotic aromatic oils, brought from the most exotic places. of the world; an unforgettable gift that is well worth giving to yourself or to your loved one.


Reduce stress and anxiety

Releases toxins & improves skin appearance

Improves blood circulation and flow of energy

Relieve muscle spasm, pain and tension

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Coverage areas:
  • West Palm Beach
  • Broward
  • Miami