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Are post-operative massages important?

Some people who have undergone or are thinking of undergoing an operation for aesthetic purposes often ask themselves: Why are post-operative massages important? or they simply question: would it be better not to make more effort and wait for everything to flow? And it is precisely that, everything will flow better, if all possible postoperative tools are used, such as post-surgical massage.

According to specialists, this type of massage contributes to the healing of the skin and tissues, which suffer when torn by the scalpel or other implements. In this way, the hatching time is reduced, eliminating more easily the remains of anesthesia, serum and medications used in the operation.

Another of the great benefits of this technique is the considerable reduction in pain, making the postoperative period much more bearable, thus contributing to the quality of life of the patient in this delicate phase of the process. Also noteworthy are its immediate effects, through visible indicators of the recovery and deflation process, reducing bruises, which disappear more quickly.

Surgeons agree that massages eliminate retained fluid after surgery, thus helping to reduce pain considerably, as well as rapid removal of bruises, not to mention other additional benefits such as correct shaping of the body, favoring the appearance of the skin, giving it firmness and freshness.

Some of the great benefits are:

  • Improved healing of the skin and tissues, thus reducing hatching time
  • Elimination of anesthesia, serum and medication residues more quickly and easily
  • Morphological improvement, since it is the technique par excellence that shapes the contour of the body
  • Reduction of fibrosis, through the reabsorption and evacuation of edema

Always remember to make sure you take all the precautions when making the decision to operate. At Equilibrium, we have all the most advanced techniques in post-operative massages, also backed by decades of experience, so that your process is the most comfortable, effective and, above all, the safest possible for you. If you want to know more about this and other topics.