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Lifting buttocks


Through manual massages and wood therapy for the buttocks and upper third of the thighs

Wood therapy is considered as a resource to remove localized fat and to get rid of those extra pounds, you must undergo a complete weight reduction treatment that includes nutrition, exercises and localized therapies, to achieve reduction of measures it is necessary to perform several sessions, alternating with mesotherapy, massages, thermal bandages or lymphatic drainage.

Technique used for body shaping and relaxation performed with different types of wooden implements that help treat cellulite, tone, firm, reduce measurements and shape the body.

This enveloping treatment rich in nuances goes from the sensory to the most dense to redefine the body scheme. It is about redrawing shapes through precise gestures, on areas that you want to see clear: a refined appearance, a chiseled waist, shapely thighs, firm hips and buttocks, defined arms…

Radiofrequency lifting

Radiofrequency allows us to obtain an effect known as “lifting” that reduces flaccidity of the tissues and firms the skin. Radiofrequency gradually heats the deep layers of the skin, increasing the expression of collagen (formation of new collagen), with which the skin contracts and flaccidity decreases (skin firming).

What is radiofrequency? They are electromagnetic radiations that oscillate simultaneously in the electric and magnetic field. Radiofrequency devices with aesthetic application generate a dual electric field, causing a rotational movement of the tissue that generates heat capable of reaching depths of up to 20 mm, thus reaching adipose tissue and cellulite.

In order to favor the growing demand for these types of treatments, this new method is presented that aims to resolve these aesthetic requirements without the need for surgery in most cases. The system acts on the tissue in an efficient, complete and organized manner, producing skin and muscle activation.

cold bandage technique

With the cold bandage technique, the muscle and fat are left in the desired position.

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