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Lymphatic drainage

Eliminates interstitial and lymphatic fluid to reduce the so-called orange peel effect of cellulite and treat post-surgical edema or scars.

What is it?

It is one of the star techniques of Equilibrium, which is based on a soft and light massage, whose application lies on the lymph, mobilizing the body’s fluids in a powerful and effective way, favoring the elimination of harmful and toxic substances that they accumulate in the body.


Lymphatic drainage in Equilibrium stands out for applying a unique therapeutic system, based on enveloping massages, through slow, rhythmic and very soft movements, which stimulate the drainage of the lymphatic ducts, cleaning the congested areas of the body, eliminating toxins, harmful waste and debris that tend to accumulate progressively.


Eliminate stagnant fluid

Reduced Swelling

Better-Looking Skin

Helps speed up tissue healing

Improve Immune Function

Relieve pain

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