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Eliminates accumulated fat deposits in the body without surgery to obtain visibly younger and healthier skin.

What is it?

Equilibrium Ultracavitation is an exclusive technique, whose difference is based on complex ultrasound procedures, which generate waves with frequencies between 35-40 KHz, with pulsed cycles at high speed, and which, in contact with the adipose folds, produce the appearance of multiple empty microbubbles that increase in size due to a vibratory phenomenon, causing the adipocytes to burst and break, the content of which is naturally eliminated by the body.

How it works?

Equilibrium Ultracavitation works by the thermal action of ultrasound waves. In this way, the semi-solid fat becomes semi-liquid, allowing it to be transported by the lymphatics, reaching the blood to be used by the muscles for energy consumption. Another part goes to the liver where the fat molecules are broken down to be eliminated by the kidney and intestine. It is ideal for the treatment of women and men with adiposities located in the abdomen, back, buttocks, thighs, arms.


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