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Eliminate toxins and fats through this safe and effective procedure, ideal for firming and toning your skin.

What is it?

Cellulite is an aesthetic alteration of the skin caused by the alteration of the adipose tissue (hypodermis), which abnormally retains water, fat and toxins, and its evolution can last for years.

Circulatory disorders, hormonal factors, stress or certain postural habits may be behind the formation or evolution of cellulite that so often invades the buttocks, hips and thighs.


At Equilibrium we know how important it is to see you and feel good, which is why we apply the designed and appropriate treatment, through active substances in virtual mesotherapy or microneedles in the area to be treated, which contain amino acids, iron burner, alkalinizers, which act on the adipose tissue, favoring blood and lymphatic circulation, as well as the drainage of toxins and adipose overload, firming and toning the skin, recovering its smoothness.


Three main stages of cellulite evolution can be identified:

  • In a first phase, the skin increases in size, but the orange peel is not yet visible. Altered capillary permeability, edema formation, and increased size of adipocytes occur.
  • In a second stage, the orange peel begins to be visible. Adipocytes agglutinate in a non-homogeneous way and collagen fibers are formed.
  • Finally, in the third stage, there is an increase in the thickness of the skin, which acquires a padded appearance and loses its flexibility and tone. Orange peel skin is visible to the naked eye. Collagen fibers encapsulate adipocytes, giving rise to nodules.

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