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Should I wear a girdle after surgery?

The importance of looking good lies simply in being. It is practically impossible to think that your external image will be radiant if you are not inside. For this reason, it is essential to take into account all the measures when talking about well-being, especially if you have undergone a surgical procedure. Among the simplest but essential measures one minute after an operation, is the use of the post-operative girdle.
It is important to know that a post-operative girdle is used after a surgical intervention to contain the tissues of the area and stimulate their recovery, avoiding direct contact of the wound with harmful elements from the outside. Its use may be necessary after delicate interventions, such as: liposuction or liposculpture of the midsection, also abdominoplasties or lipectomies.

The use of a postoperative girdle is absolutely necessary, especially after a midsection liposuction or after undergoing a tummy tuck. Because they are true surgical interventions, which require palliative care and medical observation.

For this reason, and beyond its aesthetic sense, we must take into consideration all the risks and of course, all the necessary care, such as the use of the girdle.
That is why plastic surgeons, in a broad consensus, recommend the use of postoperative girdles, even for several weeks after a medical procedure. Its use is recommended during the day and at night—according to the particular case of each patient—because what is desired in the end is to keep the tissues in place; helping in this way in the process of healing and natural regeneration of the organism. Another element to highlight has to do with the shape and correct compression level of the girdle, since these should limit postoperative inflammation, and can also increase ease of movement after extensive surgery such as a tummy tuck, helping to the extent of as much as possible to the comfort of the patient.

According to specialists, the vast majority of patients undergoing these interventions need to wear a postoperative girdle, which they must wear practically throughout the day, because it provides additional support to be able to move or sit, for example, in a office chair during the working day. It is important to remember to maintain a good posture, thus ensuring the flattening of the tissue when using the girdle.

Advantages of postoperative girdles

Some of the benefits of wearing a postoperative girdle include:

  • Less swelling, as wearing a girdle can control swelling and the discomfort it can cause
  • More optimal results, as the pressure of the garment can help reduce the risk of rippling or bulging in the skin
  • Helps the patient’s mobility, allowing him to resume activities more quickly and progressively.

Always remember to make sure you take all the precautions when choosing this important wellness decision. At Equilibrium we have all these techniques so that your process is the most comfortable, effective and, above all, the safest possible for you. If you want to know more about this and other topics.